Bredero Shaw México

Period: 2017.
Location: Port of Altamira, Altamira, Tam.

The Port of Altamira has been chosen as the site for several activities as part of the South of Texas - Tuxpan pipeline project, such as: manufacturing, storage and transport of pipes as well as complementary services to construction and supply vessels. DPH Group actively participates in the development of this important project.

• Infrastructure development for pipe coating plant and storage.
• Leveling and soil improvement, preparation and construction of berm in storage yard for non-coated pipes in 25 hectares.
• Earth works, civil works, construction and start of pipe-coating plant in 10 hectares.
• Leveling of dock area and soil improvement for storage of coated pipes in 10 hectares, for shipping of finished product to supply vessels.

Logistics support to supply vessels working in the pipeline project.​

• Logistics for land transport of pipes in the Port.

Obra civil
Construcción de bermas
Almacenamiento de tubería
Almacenamiento de ductos
Planta de lastrado
Transporte de tubería
Nivelación de suelo
Transporte de tubería
Maniobra de grúa
Maquinaria DPH
Infraestructura de planta