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ALPASA / About us


Almacenamiento y Logística Portuaria de Altamira, SA. de CV. was established in January 26, 2007, in an effort to diversify DPH Constructora and the opportunity detected in the city.

At first, ALPASA was created to provide services for large volume clients in the Port. Afterwards, it was decided to expand the business, focusing on satisfying specific logistics needs through a personalized analysis of each one of our customers' processes.

Nowadays we offer services such as real estate, distribution, operative support and logistics, in the Port of Altamira.


To significantly contribute to improving the efficiency of the port logistics supply chain, cutting time and cost for our customers within a total quality standard.


To be an integral supplier of logistics services in an dry terminal with railroad access and warehousing, made to satisfy our clients special needs.

ALPASA / Services

In ALPASA we have an extensive infrastructure inside the Port, allowing us to provide these services:


Design and construction

Design and construction of distribution centers according to client's requirements under a previously arranged plan.


  • In-Bond facility 42,200 sq. meters.

  • Warehouse to operate as cross-dock, 5,000 sq. meters.

  • Storage yards 200,000 sq. meters.

  • Full and empty container deposit.

  • Container deposit in Escobedo, NL.

  • Online nventory control system vía SAP.

  • Project cargo handling, oversized and overweight (1 to 500 tons).

  • Sample collection.

  • Transport to/from terminals.

  • Transfer, sacking, labeling and weighing.

  • Reception of cargo vía truck or railroad with capacity for 46 rail cars .

Extensive infrastructure in the Port of Altamira
Authorization for rail spur

ALPASA  / Services

We have authorization in a project for the construction of two rail spurs, that will connect to Km MB 16+194.75 of the "MB line" Altamira - Puerto Industrial, with Ferrocarril Mexicano S.A. de C.V.

Approved by the SCT (Ministry of Communications and Transport)


ALPASA / Location


Parque Pequeña y Mediana Industria, Altamira, Tam.


Bahía Adahir 614, Parque pequeña y mediana industria.

Altamira, Tam., México.

Storage capacity:

• 4,825 sq. mt. covered warehouse.

• 50,000 sq. mt. open yards.

Distance from terminals and Customs facilities:

• 16.0 km. Cooper T. Smith de México (bulk terminal).

• 15.6 km. ATP (container terminal).

• 14.1 km. IPM (container terminal).

• 11.5 km. Customs and access to port.




Parque Tecnia, Altamira, Tam.

Storage capacity:

• 3.5 Has.

Distance from terminals and Customs facilities:

• 10.5 km. Puerto de Altamira.

Our sites

ALPASA / Location

Port of Altamira


Mar Rojo 601, Col. Puerto Industrial. Altamira, Tam., México.

Storage capacity:

  • 6,500 sq. meters of covered warehousing.

  • 140,000 sq. meters of open yards. 

  • 600 meters of railways.

Distance from maritime terminals and customs facilities:

  • 2.0 km. Cooper T. Smith de México (bulk terminal).

  • 1.6 km. ATP (container terminal).

  • 2.1 km. IPM    (container terminal).

  • 6.7 km. Customs and access to the port.

ALPASA / Location

Container deposit

in Nuevo León.


Libramiento Monterrey – Saltillo, KM 32.5. Escobedo, NL.

Storage capacity:

• 40,000 sq. meters.

Distance from industrial parks:

  • 12.1 km. Interpuerto Monterrey 

  • 20 km.  STIVA Industrial Park. Apodaca NL.

  • 20 km.  KALOS industrial Park. Apodaca NL.

Storage park in 

Salina Cruz, Oaxaca.


Carretera transístmica km. 2.5. Col. Granadillo.
Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, México.

Storage capacity:

  • 4,000 sq. meters of covered warehouse.

  • 100,000 sq. meters open yard.

Distance from terminals and customs:

  • 11.3 km. Port of Salina Cruz, Oaxaca.

  • 12.3 km. Customs Salina Cruz, Oaxaca.

3 Mesas Wind Farm

ALPASA  / Projects

Company: VESTAS
Period: 2016
Location: Port of Altamira, Tamaulipas / 3 Mesas wind farm, Tamaulipas.
Description: Storage of 350 elements in the Port of Altamira, that would be used to assemble 75 wind turbines in 3 Mesas Wind Farm.

Palo Alto Wind Farm

ALPASA / Project

Company: ACCIONA
Period: July 2016

Location: Port of Altamira, Tamaulipas - Palo Alto Wind Farm, Ojuelos, Jalisco.
Description: Storage of 200 elements in the Port of Altamira, that would be used to assemble 43 wind turbines in Palo Alto Wind Farm.

Contact us

ALPASA / Contact

Mar Rojo No. 601 Recinto Portual Industrial,

Altamira, Tamaulipas, México.

01 (833) 260 9454 / 260 9451