Infrastructure for the Energy Sector

PISSA / About us

Puertos Integrales del Sureste SA. de CV. is a Mexican subsidiary of DPH Group, comprised by a staff of professionals with wide knowledge of the industrial, maritime and energy sector in Mexico, and experience in commercial relations with private investors and with PEMEX.

We specialize in infrastructure development, transport, logistics and storage of necessary materials for activities related to the energy industry in their multiple stages, as well as marine exploration, gas and oil production, directly or through a third party.

Our team of professionals is experienced in commercial relations under laws and regulations related to vessels in Mexican territory. We are also experienced in permit applications, contracts, crew management, acquisition and supplies.

Our goal: to simplify our clients' processes, to make their activities easier, providing integral and reliable services, qualified staff as well as technical and administrative support.

After a thorough study, under the reformed law for renewable energies in Mexico, PISSA has acquired land in the Port of Altamira, to build a specialized terminal that will provide land and maritime logistics support, allowing productive and safe activities.

Special projects

We take care of authorizations  for reception, loading, discharge, filling, draining and storage of cargo, including transference vessel-yard and viceversa, and yard-transport and viceversa, either via truck or rail. 

  • Handling and storage of materials.

  • Safekeeping of commodities of the energy sector.

  • Reception, loading and stacking.

  • Construction and transformation.

  • Stowing and loading of cargo and equipment.



Within the Port of Altamira we have a development area granted by the Port Authority of aprox. 50 hectares, including a 300 meter berth near the north basin of the main navigation channel. The project includes a basic infrastructure platform with capacity for office buildings and workshop areas, as well as fabrication yards and covered warehouse for solid and liquid bulk.

We are currently development storage yards and a dock with enough capacity for heavy cargo and service for specialized vessels, rapairs and maintenance. 

Offshore crew training centers


We install shipment and training centers, with the objective of recruiting technical and administrative staff in the industrial area, with these responsibilities:

  • Work medicine center. 

  • Training classrooms for offshore workers.

  • Medical services and work health.

  • Recruitment areas.

  • Safety inspection before shipments.

  • International certifications.

  • Industrial safety and emergency first response.

  • Air and maritime transport for platform crew.

Offshore emergency station

We install offshore emergency response stations as a close-by platform, outside the risk perimeter where the attention logistics is taking place and attending the emergency according to the Emergency Response plan established by Petróleos Mexicanos.

Legal services

We can help with concessions and authorizations under the Mexican laws, authorization for export and import of equipment, including port rates, licenses, permits and customs imports.

Quality services

PISSA / Services


Complementary services

We understand how important the logistic process is, that's why we have agreements with service providers that complement our integral service offer.

  • Closed and open storage.

  • Specialized transport of materials and oversized equipment.

  • Crane rental.

  • Fuel, water and wastewater supply.

  • Repair and maintenance.

Our goal is to crate and add value to our customers through an integral service platform, we're committed to reliable and professional solutions for our clientes, with special emphasis in safety, health, quality and environmental sustainability.

Management, logistics, operation and production offshore

PISSA / Services

We develop industrial activities related to the energy sector in its different forms, such as construction, logistics, supplying and storage of products related to the offshore oil industry.

Marine services

We operate in port terminals and facilities, from the construction of buildings, warehouses and industrial plants related to maritime activities, dredging, dock and storage.

Our fleet includes these types of vessels:

    •    Platform supply vessel (PSV)
    •    Anchor handling tug supply vessels (AHTS).
    •    Rapid intervention vessels (RIV)
    •    Crew boat.
    •    Accommodation ship.
    •    Mud boats.
    •    Emergency response and rescue vessel.
    •    Diving support vessel.
    •    Special boats.


As support for offshore drilling we have:
    •   Facilities for special liquid preparation for oil drills.
    •   Industrial water for platform supply.

    •   Barite silo with air pressure.

Potential of the Gulf of Mexico

PISSA / Services

The Ports of Altamira and Matamoros (currently under development) complement the maritime cabotage route among the Mexican ports in the Gulf of Mexico and the American ports of Galveston, Corpus Christi and New Orleans. This places our zone as a strategic economic development hub in the energy, logistics and infrastructure sectors.

Altamira is located within a 150 km radius of the shallow waters' oil fields that haven't been explored much so far near the coasts of the south of Tamaulipas. Besides this, the road infrastructure connecting the Port of Altamira to the rest of the Country, makes it the ideal place to develop port projects that support logistics and operation of non-conventional vessels that because of their nature are susceptible of being used in the energy sectors and offshore facilities.

Strategic alliances

PISSA / Alliances

We've established alliances and agreements with domestic and foreign providers, to include in our service offers. Our goal is that our projects are developed under the Mexican regulations for exploration zones.


  • Availability of land for operation centers.

  • Access routes for a berth that is compliant of the necessary characteristics for its operation.

  • Strategic location

  • Safety and guard from the Marine force.

  • Available medical institutions, hotel services, air access, international connections. 

Global solutions for structure manufacturing

PISSA  / Projects

PISSA signed a contract with Windar Renovables, from the Grupo Daniel Alonso, one of the world leaders in wind power construction, to provide the infrastructure for a manufacturing plant for steel tubular structures for wind turbines, for a 10 year period.

Our specialists have developed the project this way:

  • Windar project area - 60,000 sq. mt.

  • Industrial plant 1 - 11,250 m²

  • Industrial plant 2 - 11,250 m²

  • Premodeling plant and storage - 3,250 m²

  • Finishing plant - 11,250 m²

  • Storage area - 49,348 m²

  • Reserve - 40,000 m²

  • Office building -1200 m²

Contact us

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Ave. Valles 303-1 Col. Flamboyanes,

Tampico, Tamaulipas, México.

01 (833) 260 9062