Leadership in specialized crane rental and maneuver engineering

DPH Constructora / Cranes and maneuvers

Our crane division was born from our need to give our customers an integral service, that aside from construction and civil works, could offer equipment discharge, maneuvers and mounting of Eolic elements. We also work for the industrial, petrochemical and energy sectors.

We provide a specialized crane service, offering solutions that adapt to our customers' needs.

Our operations are made based on maneuver design and engineering, supervised by a coordinated staff under a strict safety control.

In order to make our clients and users feel more confident, we comply with inspections and certification standards, and our equipment is under a maintenance program, with help from our suppliers and manufacturers.

Engineering maneuvers and structure mounting.

DPH Constructora / Crane service

Our services are focused in the Eolic, industrial, oil, petrochemical, construction and energy sectors, 24/7 in the whole Country.

One of our main goals in DPH Constructora is our clients' satisfaction through our services. Besides construction, storage and transport, we include high-tech equipment, top standards and qualified staff that add extra value to our service catalog.

Specialized crane rental

Equipment rental according to projects characteristics (volume and weight)

Design and engineering

Personalized consulting and specific logistics according to each project, to optimize time and money in operations.

Maneuvers and mounting

Specialists in disembarking, maneuvers and lifting of over-sized elements, with a 600-ton capacity.

Disembarkation and assembly
  of RTG - STS Cranes

DPH Construcción  / Cranes

Company: Ale Heavy Lift
Period: May - August 2016
Location: Industrial Port of Altamira, Tamaulipas 
Description: Disembarkation and assembly of 2 RTG  and 1 STS gantry crane for containers inside the Port of Altamira. 

Palo Alto wind farm

DPH Construcción / Cranes

Company: ACCIONA
Period: Julio de 2016

Location: Port of Altamira, Tamaulipas - Palo Alto wind farm in Ojuelos, Jalisco.
Description: Disembarkation in Port of Altamira, storage, transport and discharge of Eolic elements in Palo Alto wind farm, in Ojuelos, Jalisco.

Los Ramones phase II South

DPH Construcción  / Cranes

Period: August 2015 - February 2016
Location: Puerto Industrial de Altamira, Tamaulipas 
Description: Crane rental for the assembly of turbo-compressors, air coolers, vents, generators and others in  CS3 station of the pipeline project Los Ramones phase II south, in the States of San Luis Potosí, Guanajuato and Querétaro.

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DPH Construcción / Cranes

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