Experience in earthmoving
and civil works

DPH Constructora / About us


A subsidiary of DPH Group, we’ve maintained an important role within the construction industry, as well as mounting of wind farms.

Through our civil works division, in DPH Constructora, we’re determined to offer construction solutions, earthmoving, foundation and edification.

Our staff of professionals is qualified for engineering, execution, technical activities and operations, always committed to the project. 

With national presence, we’ve also been part of Eolic projects, with construction and mounting in different wind farms of the States of Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Jalisco, Oaxaca and Quintana Roo.

Our goal in DPH Group is to provide an integral service, which is why we also offer transportation, crane rental, warehousing and infrastructure, in order to satisfy our customers’ needs.


DPH Constructora / Services

Our specialized equipment, heavy machinery, transportation and experienced staff, make DPH Constructora the perfect company to provide services such as:


  • Earthmoving

  • Civil works

  • Pavements

  • Edification

  • Industrial developments

Solutions for your construction projects

DPH Constructora / Projects

Period: 2016
Location: Poza Rica, Veracruz
Description: Earthmoving for PEMEX project in Chicontepec, Veracruz.


DPH Constructora / Projects

Company: BIOFILM
Period: 2007
Description: Civil works for polypropylene plant in BIOFILM, in the Port of Altamira.


DPH Constructora / Projects

Company: Grupo Daniel Alonso

Period: 2016
Location: Altamira, Tamaulipas
Description: Industrial plant dedicated to the manufacturing of tubular steel structures. Infrastructure development, construction of production, pre-modeling and finishing plant, office building, civil works, pavement and warehouses.

Bredero - Shawcor

DPH Constructora / Projects

Company: Shawcor, Bredero Shaw México, SA. de CV.
Period: 2016
Description: Soil preparation and construction of berm for the storage of non-coated and coated pipes.

DPH Constructora / TMM Logistics

TMM Logistics, one of the most important transport and logistics services company in Mexico, offers specialized maritime services, port and terminal administration and logistics services for international and national customers in the Country. 

Main services:

  • Maritime transport

  • Ports and terminals

  • Storage


Adjustments were made for the installation of a container storage/maintenance/repair yard and specialized equipment for port logistics.


GOB1 Lot., No. 18, in Altamira, Tamaulipas.

Container storage, maintenance and repair

Services offered by ALPASA, in construction and installation of container yard:


  • Earthworks and hydraulic base.

  • Concrete asphalt, 7 mt. thick in roads.

  • 14-meter wide roads.

  • Asphalt irrigation in warehousing areas.

  • Asphalt entrance from highway.

  • Complete access to electricity, including air conditioning, refrigerated containers and electric sockets for welders and washing machines.

  • Lightning network consisting of 8 hydraulic concrete poles around the perimeter.

  • 300 KVA electric substation and power network, according to the authority's specification.

  • Water interconnection at the edge of the land.

  • Sewer system.

  • Fence around the perimeter, 2.4 meters high and concrete-based.

  • 140 sq. meters for offices. 

  • Industrial wastewater recollection in container cleaning area.

  • Mechanic-controlled access.

  • Electrified surveillance booth.

Contact info

DPH Constructora / Contact

Ave. Valles 303-1 Col. Flamboyanes,

Tampico, Tamaulipas, México.

 (833) 260-9062 al 64