Archeological rescue works continue in the old village Chak Pet

DPH Group, trough its subsidiary PISSA (Puertos Integrales del Sureste S.A. de C.V.), continues supporting and sponsoring the archeological rescue campaign in the old village Chak Pet, within its facilities in the Port of Altamira.

This is highly relevant, because it is the only pre-hispanic village in the Huasteca region that is being excavated intensely and extensively. The village takes its name - Chak Pet - from the word "red turtle" in teneek or huasteco language, and was located in a 28 meter high dune, at the beach in Altamira.

Hundreds of ceramic fragments have been recovered, as well as complete and semi-complete mud figurines, small objets made of jadeíta and shells, even human skeletons. This activity has allowed the archeologists to learn the total area of the village was around 1 km long and 300 meter wide, that population started settling there around the year 900 b.C. and that it was occupied for around 1,100 years up to the year 200 a.D.

With the human skeletons that have been dug out we have learned that the inhabitants of Chak Pet were in average 1.45 m tall (female) and 1.50 m tall (male). They'd buried their dead in pits and some times they would put mud figurines as offers. Evidence has also been found that confirms that they were an agriculture village, because of the tools made of pierced shells.

These archeological activities in Chak Pet have been taking place in the zone through the past 10 years, and will be soon over in the southern region of the village.

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