DPH Group announces the acquisition of EMMI

Last December, DPH Group, a Mexican company with over 30 years’ experience in the construction, transportation and logistics industries, specialized in Eolic and renewable energy, announced the acquisition of EMMI, a company dedicated to developing and executing of energy and infrastructure projects.

Since its beginning, EMMI’s projects adjust to local contexts; providing efficient and long-lasting services under the highest safety and quality standards.

EMMI offers innovative choices and solutions for projects specialized in energy, infrastructure and electro-mechanic facilities. Experience, quality and strict safety measures guarantee the viability of its projects in 4 strategies:

Semi-Industrial facilities

Singular projects: corporative buildings, malls.

Infrastructure: toll booths, road lighting or tunnel conditioning.

Industrial facilities

BT and MT facilities, electro-mechanical facilities for: photovoltaic plants, wind farms, combined-cycle power plants, hydroelectric power plants, thermoelectric power plants, petrochemical plants, refineries and water treatment plants.

Infrastructure and construction

Infrastructure innovation; civil works and similar; concrete pre-fabrication.

Operation and maintenance

Preventive and corrective integral electrical maintenance, singular facilities and equipment: power generation and industrial plants. Commissioning.

This synergy between DPH Group and EMMI, strengthens capacity for both companies, promoting innovation for the industry in the Country.

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